Living science, transforming lives.

MAXPharm was created in 2000 as a small company to grow its business in the field of development and distribution of pharmaceutical products starting with only 6 products. In just one year, their number doubled and nowadays the company has a range of over 20 products to meet the needs of our customers. Three factors have contributed to this success:


To make sure for ourselves, we require a certificate of analysis from each raw material supplier and test the raw material for compliance with the documentation. Our partners are independent laboratories that are constantly audited and certified to ensure accuracy and objectivity in the microbiological tests and in the finished products tests. Random samples are taken from each batch. Organoleptic and physical analyses guarantee that the finished products meet predefined product characteristics.
MAXPharm is one of the few companies which fund independent university clinical trials designed to evaluate and test the efficacy of its products under the most stringent academic standards. The products of the MAXPharm series have been known to human medicine for years. All of them have undergone extensive clinical trials and have proven their sustainable benefits when used properly for their intended purpose. We do not personify innovation, but uncompromising quality of raw materials and cutting-edge technologies used in the production process. With the purchase of every product on our line, you get a guarantee for the most technologically developed product on the market!


Our employees are highly qualified and many of them have been developing their skills in organic chemistry for long years. We keep constant track of relevant news and exchange information. Every year, our company takes care of its staff by sending employees to international workshops where they can exchange experience and knowledge.
We are the backbone of every and any idea that our researchers share. Our endeavor is only one – evolution. Science is not a constant quantity, but a living process, and we are proving that.


It is our mission to select the right contractors. We can give you a number of examples. Not once have we postponed the release of a given product only because we have not been quite confident about finding the right partner. Sometimes we have delayed our expansion in a new country for similar considerations.
In order to provide the best quality on the market, we choose to work only with companies that meet the highest standards in their field. The laboratories we work with use only chromatographs of the latest generation that enable operation on their own database and high standards. Thus, any raw material to be used in the products is compared with the relevant standard and only if it meets the requirements, then is it admitted to production. In this way, we offer products with a purity of at least 98%! This is just a small part of the manufacturing innovations that are used in the MAXPharm production.