TESTO GEL – MALE 100 ml / 5 %

Testo Gel Male 5 %

Packing: 100 ml in multi dose container

Potency: 50 mg / ml. Each ml contains:

Testosterone 50 mg

For external use only


Testosterone gel is one of several forms of testosterone medication used to treat hypogonadism in men. Hypogonadism is an abnormally low level of testosterone caused by certain medical conditions rather than by the natural decrease that occurs with aging. The medical conditions that cause hypogonadism are usually disorders of the testicles, pituitary gland, or hypothalamus. Low testosterone in men can lead to characteristic decreases in energy, metabolism, and sex drive.


The risk of effects of testosterone gel in women who accidently touch the application site directly or through clothing are low. However, side effects can happen. These effects include increased acne and unusual hair growth. If you’re a woman who lives with someone using testosterone gel, it’s important that you avoid all contact with the product.

Testosterone gel doesn’t pose the same risks of liver damage that other forms of testosterone do. It may increase your risk for prostate cancer, though, so your doctor will assess your risk. If it’s too great, your doctor may suggest another treatment.